How about a peek under the hood of the FS1R?

For a more in-depth look inside the FS1R, check out Thomas Gruber's Look inside the Yamaha FS1R.

*Service Manual
*Service Bulletins
*Un-Authorized Modifications

Current version of owners manual:

[VZ73110] 811MWIT11.2-02B0

Known old version of manual:

[VZ73110] 808MWIT11.2-01A0

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This will RESET ALL MEMORY to the factory settings!!! Save all Voice and Performance data BEFORE you try this!!!

Power-up while holding 'UTIL' & 'ENTER'. This will display the version. The latest OS is v1.20.

After checking the version, let the machine 'time-out' and return to a 'normal' operating mode. I've been told that this enters the machine into a diagnostic mode, and that damage could be done to parts of the memory that you DON'T want to mess with.

Check The OS Without Losing User Memory
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If you can send a sysex string, you can check the OS version, and not 'clean up' the user memory.

Send the exclusive message:

It enters the machine into a test mode, and after it reveals the OS version, it just sits there looking dumb- you'll have to shut it down, then power back up, and the user memory is still intact.

Should I upgrade to the latest OS?
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For the most part, all versions run smooth, and there shouldn't be any need to upgrade. I asked YAMAHA about what bugs where fixed in each version of the OS, and I got this official reply. If you find any bugs, feel free to tell YAMAHA (if you can get through to someone who knows what an FS1R is ;) or drop me a line and I'll post it on the Bugs - Wish List page.

If you MUST have the latest OS, it can be upgraded by an authorized service center, for a fee.

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